Following the workwear markets dynamics closely, Beo Textile aims to give a fast, flexible, high quality and environmentally friendly production service compliant with international standards.

In order to reach the highest quality, Beo Textile carefully chooses raw materials from leading suppliers in the market and puts raw materials to various tests for usage under requested conditions in fully equipped test labs.

With 30.000 pcs/month capacity, Beo Textile carefully organized its production facilities to meet the variable quantity requirements of workwear market. With this flexible production organisation, Beo Textile is able to show great care to all orders regardless of quantity (250-50.000+ pcs).

By developed quality and process control management in every step of production, knowledge about the test standards and requested workwear certifications, Beo Textile aims to simplify its clients part in the production process as much as possible and to build a long lasting and trusting business relation.